Saturday, June 30, 2007

On the Verge

nakedsexpolitics (NSP)
will be evolving in a few weeks to include more reader participation--a daily gauge of YOUR sex life-- guest columnists, podcast (dare I fantasize) and better links and categorization of posts-- so you can find the political/ family/highly sexual/outright silly. If you'd like to be a guest columnist, please email or comment below about how your particular political/ sexual "posturing" will add zesty provocation.

>> image, -c 2006; halves of me
"steering" and "anchored on" the symbolic "verge",
standing on a Philly roof top, plane passing by left hip >>
--------------- ------------------ - -------------------
Wordplay is almost as exciting as sexual play-- combining the two together can be quite smoldering. So, when the word "verge" seemed to mantra my shadow here in LA, I was tickled to discover--in all the right intellectual and sensory places--that defined "verge" with a few personally serendipitous paradoxes--- the penis, the tenant's staff of feudality, possessing leadership, and the threshold/limits/ radius/slant/merging of possibilities. origin,Latin, old french- rod,ring,strip

cocky satisfaction for the reborn virgin head

1) Virge----- a wand; abbreviation for virgin ['s archaic
spelling, though the "virgin" usage is my loose interpretation]
2) Verge -- Earliest attested sense in Eng. is now-obsolete meaning "male
member, penis" (c.1400); male organ of copulation in certain invertebrates

I haven't had real sex for over 8 months, becoming officially as shy about indulging as I am hungry. Will I be hurt/not respected with the next encounter? Will he be any good? Will our styles match? An available sex life is not a thing to waste.

Over the past few weeks I've expectedly encountered my ex-live in-boyfriend at a conference, bumped coyly into a still gorgeous, yet tired-looking, decade-ago one-night-stand at a mutual friend's party, miraculously avoided even the sight of my ex-husband, twice, during his family's events. I've kissed and embraced seven male friends newly acquainted (one in Philly) and shared various degrees of intimate touch with 2 caring, long-known gentlemanly pals. I've talked with a man from my past by phone-- who for unknown reasons seems always so disinterested (even when he originally appeared to be attracted to me), and I've confronted, by voice message, another deep-down good guy, who recklessly told me it was "unbecoming" of my personality to not want to bed with him. (he kind of, sorta, apologized in his reply vm)

Monogamous, as I've always yearned, nonetheless, each new nuance adds to my complicated lexicon of the primal male essence. The penis, revered and often a protective camouflage to its owner's heart, is omnipresent, whether assertive or quieted for me. Incredible, as it is bewildering, is this many destinationed voyage into man, that I don't remember ever seeking.

On the verge of -- when the head of the cock almost touches the inner lips, the long/short seconds of anticipated tightening,opening, pulsing, absorbing into the simultaneous, separately experienced merge of the familiar/unknown two.

steering the scepter of almosts
3)Verge- the bishop's staff; a scepter of authority; a stick held in the
hand of a person swearing fealty to a feudal lord on being admitted
as a tenant; the spindle of a balance wheel in a clock; the grassy
border along a road; the shaft of a column
4) Verge- edge,rim or margin; limited room or scope; to slope or tend
toward; to come close to or be in transition to some state, quality, etc.
--on the (con)verge(ance) of:

  • integration--success/blending of UnconventionalWorks-- political- American Dinner, community- DayOne365, socio-erotic- Three (III)
  • persuasion-- getting renewed radio coverage; landing interactivity; launching resolutions; making and forgiving amends; wrapping men around my finger (nah.. that last one's not in me)
  • stability - homelessness vs renters rights advocacy vs finding a rental
  • courage to write professionally vs paid work as a domestic floor scrubbing goddess
  • feeling sensual and feminine vs downtrodden
  • my leadership, and also of giving fealty, only as deserved
  • intimacy-- friendship and family to love--bike rides to "being there" to sex
  • perseverance and patience and support
  • womanhood--finally, empowerment while maintaining the openness of the girl within
  • re-cyclo-evolutionary, what was, is, to be .. or else is something, somewhere, anyway

Woman On the Verge of Getting It On (and enjoying taking it off...when she so chooses)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Full Moon Oyster Viagra

Oysters weren’t the original pick for tonight’s tie-in to yesterday’s double blue-moon ’07 post. (Did you catch the smiley faced buns?) Sure, there’s a preponderance of Full Moon Oyster restaurants and there’s the unknown reason why Blue Öyster Cult (Moon Crazy), was umlauted and named “after a poetry collection about aliens who secretly guide Earth's history,” but what’s making the news today are oysters infused with Viagra.

A misguided bunch of Australian oyster farmer have been doing their capitalist best by patenting their Viagra infused oyster tanks. A marketing exec partnered the idea with them after he sprinkled crushed Viagra on his oyster dinner for a double stiffy delight (we can only assume). The oysters don’t need it—their “soft”-bodies can get it on quite naturally, in hermaphroditic sperm and egg spray fests, thank you—but George May and team are fondling themselves over the profitably uplifting double-entendre it could be for consumers to get their “spoon full of oyster to help the medicine go down”... and up. The Australian NSW food authority said license would not be given to sell the oysters in Australia. But the farmers feel it would have a huge (unregulated) Asian market. Patented under the name ViagraOysters, Pfizer is planning to sue for a name change.

On the other side of aphrodisiacs in the news today, 25% of Italians surveyed would choose a zesty salami and a hearty cheese to get their sex juices flowing.
One favorite is Nduja, a fiery ( though none too pretty, pictured at right )
salami from Calabria, that especially is known to increase blood flow.
The article doesn’t state how or when the salami is best pleasured…

As for the man on the moon's influence on Italian cheese, like the
song goes--
when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blue Moon Commitment

It's the last day in May, with an hour to go EDT, and it dawned on me that not a single post was made the entire month--- that after last May's unbroken NSP monthly record of seven entries, amazingly with 2 sets of back-to-back days ( including scintilating topics of genuflection and ecologically masturbating trees, no less).

Since tonight's full moon is the second of the month for the Western hemisphere and the first full moon of two in June for The Eastern hemisphere, I'm making a once-in a-blue-moon commitment to

post 2 days in a row , tonight and tomorrow, between moon months.
That gives you 2 days to commit to something "luna", too --no matter which hemisphere(s) you glow, shine,
walk and beam. Til tomorrow (enjoy the cheese).

Monday, April 23, 2007

Bite of the Banana

Admittedly, I was bored when I decided to google-image "penis"the other day. (Alright, truth be told, I really wanted to remember what one looked like.)

While Photo #1 was a young, healthy, very strongly erecting human specimen
(....oh, sigh, I remember when..... ),

Photo # 5 was this curious embriotic yin/yang
(Turns out the page was on moderate-safe search. The other images on the first page were neither sexy or sweet-- to my tastes-- but, go ahead and look, google images change frequently; one never knows what might show up next.)

This ever-so cuddly banana slug pair is hermaphroditic, and their dual genitals are located just below their heads.

But kiss-kiss and mirrored-penetration are not the only thing this convenient oral-penal-vaginal positioning allows. Seems there's a little bit of aggresive "sexual conflict" -- a survival of the fittest progeny competition, perhaps -- because part of their luvvy-duvvy includes biting off at least one of their penises -that's right- it's non existant for a full year, or maybe forever.

If that's not enough to shock your manhood into protective mode, the doctoral student who studies them caught one slug doing solitaire--biting its own erect penis off.

Moral of the story -- don't get your head too close to your other head? Or make sure you AND your mate eat BEFORE you play? Dr. Tatianna might have an answer for slug and human alike.

Now, I don't tend to eat slugs, the banana variety, their cousins, or even those aphrodisiac giving escargot, but I do happen to really like bananas; I eat them usually daily. And in times like these, when it's been a while since I've had sex, peeling a banana, readying for my first bite, sometimes conjurs imageries that prompt my tongue's exercixe. (I've tried cucumbers, too, unsucessfully, for another kind of tactile quiz).

The feel of banana girth and firmness isn't quite the same as an arduous lover's, but it manages to make my tongue almost as satisfied, swirling around the pale yellow shaft like it's a soft vanilla ice cream cone. I deep-throat, of couse (reminder--they do come in different curves and sizes) and then devour the rest-- of the banana, that is, but never, ever have I eaten the peel, even if I would've washed it first, as I heard a recent safe-eating expert advice, so the germs from the outside don't slip into the inside. (Does licking the pulpy inside count?)

But according to a whole other kind of expert, there's now more reason we shouldn't only be washing, but placing those synthetic covered peels on our human bananas, if we choose to indulge at all. In Philadelphia and Southern California--gee, the two cities I live most at-- drug resistant gonorrhea seems to be all the rage, jumping 25% in Philly and 13% in Southern California over the past 2 years. Those of you in other parts of the country aren't far behind -- what happens in Vegas won't be staying there...

I've had my own share of scares and horrors, including scabies and crabs from a Rosarita Beach hotel bed during college spring break-- go UCLA-- and most gynecologists will tell you, if you're not a virgin sleeping with a virgin, you've shared more than you thought with those you've enjoyed.

Like other body parts, often our sexual organs quietly heal (or battle the invading germs) before we know we encountered something. But as a long-time condom-hating woman, this new scare nudges the come-back possibilities for Naked Gun style-lingerie.

Moral of this part of the story---sheathe up, don't clap?

image copyrights--
banana slug s © 2004 ,see website above;
condom banana © Andrew Taylor

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Taking-Off; Coming-Up


Not sure why, but when I saw this image in a recent e-travel spam, the underbelly angle of this jet stirred something very primal in me-- a pre-coital preying mantis, the hard-as-a rock steel, engine thrust, flying to new heights… add your symbolism—man or woman, straight or gay—does this image “move” you? Or did I just have a strange fetish-fantasy admission-faux pas?

Minnesotans like sex!
Just finished the KQRSs morning show with Tom and Teri. Tom’s smooth, open interview, got
us over 1400 hits so far today. Orders were coming in online while I was still on-air. Here is their link about us, featuring Christine Ott’s sexy shoe menagerie photo (c 2003). Thank you fans of the show, for all the hits you’ve made to this blog, too. Come back for some more naked sex, anytime.

Other radio appearances -- Still waiting for photos and audio link from Kidd Chris and Jersey Guys. Will post them here and on our book site when they come in.

Flaming HOT
“Buy-to-Burn" the Book or “Adopt-to-Donate” to your favorite library OR selfishly indulge yourself with your private collector's copy? --- As of this moment-- but no telling how excited those Minnesotans (above) might get--- there still are a little over 200 copies remaining of III (THREE). We’re deciding on our last promotional campaign. As sexy as our coffeetable is, it is also an important contribution to sexual understanding in America, so the idea that library collections all over the US will have 1 of our 1000 copies is very exciting. But then the publicity we could get, if we invited the religious right to buy-to-burn all the copies could fire up another storm. As the proud momma, I’m very heavily leaning on adoption. Ask your favorite library or religious right activist to look at our site.
Who do you think is more passionate about getting their hands around III(THREE)?

Coming Up –some future posts planned over the next few weeks—

  • Date Rape-- an essay on four current trials, from my own date rape perspective; how might they apply to your sexual encounters?

-- Supreme Court-- is there a point of no-pull out when she says stop?
-- Nevada-- when a decades-later apology to rape can get you in jail;
-- Gang-bang boys --Teens and young adults; my thoughts on Duke, the Greg Haidl case (most likely a distant relative), adolescent sexual culture and the part of the brain that doesn’t mature until you’re 25

  • The Personal this and thats of my past 2 weeks— the "sweat-suckled" fantasy I had on St Patty's, while digging labored chunks of ice off the driveway under a hot sun; searching for a paying job (in the face of public sexual google-ness), and dating again (in the face of public threesome google-ness)
  • YOU-- Do you have “it”--- are you ever an “it” girl or guy, where is your “it” spot ?
  • Another “Sex Short”—my simple on- the- spot penis- measuring technique to the tune of "My Hat, It Has Three Corners”
  • Vote on my Pics from my recent photo shoot. They'll be posted mid-April. How should a "sensu-able matriot" look? say what, you say?

April Fools!!! is just around the corner—shall we roar like lions, be gentle like lambs, or you're just not into the animal-play thing?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Support Sex and Feel Threesome Good

all images ©2000-2002

top photo and book cover photo-Philip Isaiah Katz; front book cover
design-Christine Ott; 2nd phot0-Jason Laub;last photo- Sandra C Davis.
Please check out our site for a few of the 156 images in the book.
March 3rd is International Threesome Observance Day (go check this cached wikipedia link--cached, because it was only up for 2 days and then removed. Sexual speech RESTRICTIONS on Wiki?).
Anyway, back to some sex---I made the event up originally for our book III (THREE):The Fantasy And Experience Of Threesome Sex's pre-launch in 03/03/03-- a smashing success— thanks to syndicated radio shows ( Don and Mike and Bob and Tom, one in Australia, and in Canada) pre-selling over 200 copies of the book.

And this month and last, I welcomed listeners of NJ101's The Jersey Guys, Miami’s WBGG Paul and Young Ron, and San Diego’s FreeFM Dick and Skibba.

Look out for something wild-- I’ll be on Philly's WYSP Kidd Chris @ 4pm today and on Minnesota’s KQRS 3/7 @ 8:30 am Central (post script-- just did the WYSP show, they totally toyed with me; will post photos in a new entry). Hey, after 4 years, NPR still isn't returning my calls, so shock jock radio is what we get--

But I need YOUR help....yes, you....give a girl's work some attention, now...

150 of the 250 remaining copies of III (THREE) need to be sold during March. There simply isn’t any more storage for them, and after seven years from pre-production to promoting the sale—after battling a 5-year internal law suit from one of our own photographers (now settled), no money to distribute or promote, and Internet and FCC restrictions and bans (go ask PayPal and MeetUp and even why they restrict sexual speech, affiliates, ecommerce and hosting)— it’s time to place my sexy threesome costume in the closet (or in my own private bed, if the timing is right)

About 30 to 40 of you look at this blog each day. (Wow, thanks to Kidd Chris we got 89 of you looking on 3/2.) I thank you that you’re intrigued by my thoughts (and my bod? )

Please look at our Threesome site, it gets over 100 hits a day, but people seem to look at all the pages we've posted -- and come back again and again-- but don't order. Can you do me a big favor and e-mail and blog your friends and listserves to support III , with a purchase—for yourself, for your wacky friends, for your lover(s)--for anyone who likes sex, is open to reading about other’s threesome experiences or who just want to support struggling artists or sexual free speech?

All sales go to the wonderful team who helped make the book. I don’t get a penny. But I will give you much thanks, and I’ll get much satisfaction that the book sales were completed and my team was finally, after a very patient wait, paid. Each copy is hand numbered from 1-1000 ( #556- #799 are still available.. a few other in the #900 range are reserved for media).I sign your copy, anyway you like it, too-- within reason, now. (One guy wanted me to write how much I loved the taste of his -----, with my signature. Since, I never even met him, a little too much fantasy for me to place my john hancock for him, you think?)

Want a phone call? I’m happy to talk with you about threesomes or sex in general…send me your phone # and best time to reach you, with your order—

III is only available on our website—not in any book stores or Amazon. It’s a beautiful Limited Collector’s edition, no more to ever be made. A coffee table book with 14 true stories, written by people who had real threesomes, describing in detail, why they wanted a threesome, step-by-step how the sex went, and what happened afterwards— the amazing, the bad and the wish I can do it again.

The book also has 156 nude fantasy images, from artistic nude dancers in pas de trois to bodies enmeshed in full frontal touch – a few of the less risqué—posted here. All of our models and writers are just regular people. Our photographers are mostly young, upcoming artists—including Justin Mongroo, Jason Laub, Nicole DeGeorge, Philip Isaiah Katz, Scott Miller, and some beautiful and fun object/landscape images by Christine Ott and Sandra C Davis. (I'm not allowed to reference the other photographer who sued us. ) But III is an honest, sexy grassroots exploration for men and women to share.

So, what do you say? Support sex, help out our team, and have a collection of sexy good night stories to share with your love(s). As always, tell me what you think, right here on this blog… I triple-dare you!

Happy Threesome Observance Month,

XXX (that's in kisses)


Sunday, February 11, 2007

It’s Our NSP’s Anniversary— Where's the Statue?

February 11, 2006 --Naked Sex (and) Politics was born. Lots more growing room, most fundamentally some tech navigation skills, to start.

We’re celebrating with the GRAMMY’ s tonight-- go Chili Peppers, Mr Wonder, Mr Bennett and the Bush-bashing Chicks. And my birthday this year falls on the Oscars (last year my birth was commemorated with 6.4999999999999 billion others, but the infamous West Hollywood screening party I went to for the Oscars the week after wasn’t ½ as grand as my dress.). The two swag-glam awards shows do set a suggestive pattern for an NSP statuette, you think?

Awarded to the Person Most Politically Sexy and Exposed, after our year two? You have a year to think of your candidates. Imagine what the trophy would look like (hopefully the AVN trophy doesn’t already look like it)? And what to call it-- a phonetic “Aunt ESPEE?” ? Too sports like?

Well, here are our stats:

  • over 1400 hits (we made 1506 today; about 100 of those are me self-checking, not daily, but I do have needs).
  • Only 2 comments all year (why is everyone so quiet?) The first—a sex spam site— appeared in September. It wasn’t until last week’s post, that NSP was christened with an actual real comment. Thank you AV. Your timing and your sites are impeccably gorgeous. (Sorry, I don’t know how to get Blogger to show comments automatically under the post, without a popup window.)
  • We’ve got good blog listing presence after spending hours on day signing us up on every blog search portal possible.

Before we blow the one-year candles (or anything else :) my wish list for the coming year:

  1. more naked
  2. sexier sex
  3. accomplishing equalitarian politics
  4. —and did I say someone to help with design, blog rolls and buzz?

(the specific plans are safely wish-secret, for now.)

Ummmm, the frosting is yummy. Try some.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Bare Back IS Banned and Hats Off to Wil in Miami

all photos in this post ©2006

I was getting really riled up tonight. That typical bull-headed passion I get when I see injustice, and then I was getting a completely different kind of riled a few minutes later, after getting a glimpse of the handsome hunk of studdly, intellectual, well- traveled, dance-loving, spiritual, family-loving, and did I say gorgeous, gentleman (at least in his photos and profile) who let me know he was glancing at me….

All right, online dating sites are an on-again, off again thing for me. Like them/ hate them, but I find myself every few months looking at them almost daily until I tire of it all again. I’ve met ( and dated) some really terrific men—and the jury is not out yet on my end of the knowing these great guys—but for all the complexities, including my instability over career and housing, and their politics or my quirks, either I’ve pulled back, or one or two have pulled back on me. (This blog is filled with a couple of the episodes in 2006).

But I was online tonight—yeah, another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody----and thought I’d add a few images from a recent photo shoot to my profile (Photographer’s name will be edited in here, after I get his permission to use his name on this site). And just as soon as I had posted them, four of the tasteful images were REMOVED by Love Happens due to NUDITY restrictions--- that is my BARE BACK (see the image above, stopping at the hipline), another with a beautifully draped red shawl completely covering my breasts, another with just an exposed waist and unbelievably a black jacket- dress that revealed some gam. Love Happens states it bans NUDE and sexually explicit imaes--- I can understand their reasoning for that on a mainstream dating site--- but a back, a covered chest and belly and high-heeled legs???
You tell me if the image above and these below aren’t artful and tame?
Surprisingly they did allow free speech in my profile ranting against their image restrictions. It was even APPROVED with this revised headline —“why was my back banned?” So, some sort of kudos for them. (yup, this image below was removed, too!)
I’ve been wanting to do a political post on this blog (NSP) about MeetUp’s and PayPal’s and quite a few other e-commerce, forums, and hosting companies bans on sexual free speech (more on that another day)… But a “bare back” image removed on a site that advertises images of girls in the teeniest of bikinis--- get’s me mad all over again, even with the free speech allowance.

So, you can see why an unexpected “ice breaker” from a man named Wil was so eye-turning when it popped into the same mailbox that all the photo rejections were hitting me. Six-foot (way too tall for my 5’1” frame), dark Latin mix with a giving smile, a strong frame that I could already feel myself simultaneously melt and entangle with. My body hurt bad ---just looking at this fully clothed, but noticeably naturally strong, protective man. And, oh yeah, he’s a dozen years younger than me. Totally would break all my rules— but Wil from Miami, you took my breath away, sir. And if by some quirk, we actually ever meet—lordie, what a night it could be.
(Now, you other men I've met. C'mon allow me this fantasy, without getting your feelings hurt.
I'm still amazed at the number of 5o year-olds that salivated over themselves to try to get in on Paris Hilton's 21st bithday party)

As for all of the other men who go to Love Happens—if we online meet, or not, do me a favor, and send them your nude backs, bared bellies, a hint of thigh and a nudge of shoulder and chest. Send them to me, too. And all those other online sites—you all better watch out, too. (I confess- I'm registered on two others.) Maybe we should start a Flicker group about the new online-dating site definition of nudity—my god, look his toes are exposed!!—foot fetish is lurking in the shadows.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wet Dreams

I get very wet, still. There’s no telling what will do it. Sometimes, during a serious discussion with a man, I’m simultaneously aware of the moist warmth completely saturating my crotch. Other times, it’s as much a surprise to me, as it is to the man I’m with, when we both discover how super-flushed our libidos must be getting me.

It’s extraordinary when my entrance ISN’T perfecting primed for the expected incoming visitor. So much so, that I remember exactly the one time last year it happened, and the other solitary time it “went” missing in 2005, too. It made me understand just a bit of how a man must feel when his tank just didn’t launch as he wanted it to.

I felt compelled to tell my partner each of those times, that—

a) this just rarely, rarely happens (err it does not happen) , and
b) yes, you are totally doing all the right things, and
c) just give me a minute, maybe, if you caress my ____ just right there, for a second…

---but to no avail.
So, disquieted I was, when he reflexively reached for the Astroglide.

Usually, though, my wealth of lubrication is an ever-reassuring sign of my still available vibrancy, as a woman closing in on 47; a credit, to all that natural yogurt eating, which I can attest promotes clean, sweet taste and silky texture, as well.

I’ve been wet like this, as usual ---but--- without any sex—well, intercourse— since mid-October, I think.

A man I know has been indulged by me during some of the frequent business consultations we’ve had, over the past half-year. It was always mostly oral on him, with some touches or rubbing on me. My choice, I guess, I wanted to play the servant girl archetype. We started out with him good-naturedly insisting he lick my lips, when on our first meeting in years, we reminisced about our sexual past together, and I reminded him I had always been rather shy with oral receiving.

He had me sit, then lie down, on his desk, with our work all around us. It felt a little clinical at first, my buttocks at the edge of his coldish desk, he sitting on a wood chair, placing his hands on my inner thighs with his head focusing on my catch (Oh, Dr. Gynecologist, what are you doing down there, sir?). He did an admiral job of licking and sucking, nibbles on my lips, around my perineum (which is a real tease-turn on for me), flicking in and out of my hole (ahhhmmm, another enticement) and all over my surprised clit. He made me very juicy, of course. But all that motion made me want to lick him, and have him inside me—partial as I was to PHALLUS as my satisfaction. He was well qualified there, too. A pretty cock, we both agreed. And what man would refuse supreme attention to his manhood?

And, so, we continued over the months. Five times out of eleven, we went for his Full Monty into two out of my three crevices—if you’re into stats, that is. (I stayed shy still, with the oral return.)

Then, for a bunch of reasons, mostly his, we skipped everything for a few visits. Getting myself resigned to no-sex (with mild flirtations), the oral rekindled for him just as suddenly. As far as my recollection goes, it was that way for the last few months— with some visits, still, purely business, without any added curriculum. Two of the times he DID want inside me (any other silent fantasies, unknown to me)—once, he called me with his desire, after I was already home. But each time, and for different reasons, I thought better of it. Last week, we agreed to stop, all together. He had his reasons, I had mine. It was good to lay it out in the air. But disappointing, too. He is my friend. And I was still wet when I saw him this week.

And so, here I am, again, all moist, tonight. I am. I checked. Just now.
Naturally, I have ways to self-gratify.

But I wonder, a lot, when (and if) I’ll ever again have a nice hard, hot, trust-worthy, talented cock to play with (for at least months at a time) -- yes, dear friends, even women who write about sex and talk about sex on the radio, don’t always have the sex life they aspire to. My married friends—many of you, will say, what’s the big deal? Some because you never have sex anymore, others because it’s so frequent, you forget its absence. And you single folk, some of you have given up sex for a set amount of time--for all the many reasons we convince ourselves that’s a good thing to do—or, maybe, you’re a wild (male or female) horn dog.

But there’s enough of you out there-- married or single--who this moment know exactly, what I feel. It’s all pumped and fancied and got no receptive door to knock.

It is said dreams have a way of becoming true. “Lucid dreaming" subliminal delta, REM , or a collective primal slow wave -- in a few minutes, I’ll close my eyes, hold my lonesome little breasts under warm covers, and coax my juicy nether lips to dream up a real- life erotica come- true.

Some might wish upon a star. Others might rub a rabbit’s foot ( on the small and too furry side?). But, I’ve got my bets on my wet and loving chalice. Dream me up a strong, hot man who will whet my flowing rivers to bathe his rhythmic oar inside me for hours.

And if it just stays a dream? At least a wet one it will be…