Sunday, February 11, 2007

It’s Our NSP’s Anniversary— Where's the Statue?

February 11, 2006 --Naked Sex (and) Politics was born. Lots more growing room, most fundamentally some tech navigation skills, to start.

We’re celebrating with the GRAMMY’ s tonight-- go Chili Peppers, Mr Wonder, Mr Bennett and the Bush-bashing Chicks. And my birthday this year falls on the Oscars (last year my birth was commemorated with 6.4999999999999 billion others, but the infamous West Hollywood screening party I went to for the Oscars the week after wasn’t ½ as grand as my dress.). The two swag-glam awards shows do set a suggestive pattern for an NSP statuette, you think?

Awarded to the Person Most Politically Sexy and Exposed, after our year two? You have a year to think of your candidates. Imagine what the trophy would look like (hopefully the AVN trophy doesn’t already look like it)? And what to call it-- a phonetic “Aunt ESPEE?” ? Too sports like?

Well, here are our stats:

  • over 1400 hits (we made 1506 today; about 100 of those are me self-checking, not daily, but I do have needs).
  • Only 2 comments all year (why is everyone so quiet?) The first—a sex spam site— appeared in September. It wasn’t until last week’s post, that NSP was christened with an actual real comment. Thank you AV. Your timing and your sites are impeccably gorgeous. (Sorry, I don’t know how to get Blogger to show comments automatically under the post, without a popup window.)
  • We’ve got good blog listing presence after spending hours on day signing us up on every blog search portal possible.

Before we blow the one-year candles (or anything else :) my wish list for the coming year:

  1. more naked
  2. sexier sex
  3. accomplishing equalitarian politics
  4. —and did I say someone to help with design, blog rolls and buzz?

(the specific plans are safely wish-secret, for now.)

Ummmm, the frosting is yummy. Try some.

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