Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Taking-Off; Coming-Up


Not sure why, but when I saw this image in a recent e-travel spam, the underbelly angle of this jet stirred something very primal in me-- a pre-coital preying mantis, the hard-as-a rock steel, engine thrust, flying to new heights… add your symbolism—man or woman, straight or gay—does this image “move” you? Or did I just have a strange fetish-fantasy admission-faux pas?

Minnesotans like sex!
Just finished the KQRSs morning show with Tom and Teri. Tom’s smooth, open interview, got
us over 1400 hits so far today. Orders were coming in online while I was still on-air. Here is their link about us, featuring Christine Ott’s sexy shoe menagerie photo (c 2003). Thank you fans of the show, for all the hits you’ve made to this blog, too. Come back for some more naked sex, anytime.

Other radio appearances -- Still waiting for photos and audio link from Kidd Chris and Jersey Guys. Will post them here and on our book site when they come in.

Flaming HOT
“Buy-to-Burn" the Book or “Adopt-to-Donate” to your favorite library OR selfishly indulge yourself with your private collector's copy? --- As of this moment-- but no telling how excited those Minnesotans (above) might get--- there still are a little over 200 copies remaining of III (THREE). We’re deciding on our last promotional campaign. As sexy as our coffeetable is, it is also an important contribution to sexual understanding in America, so the idea that library collections all over the US will have 1 of our 1000 copies is very exciting. But then the publicity we could get, if we invited the religious right to buy-to-burn all the copies could fire up another storm. As the proud momma, I’m very heavily leaning on adoption. Ask your favorite library or religious right activist to look at our site.
Who do you think is more passionate about getting their hands around III(THREE)?

Coming Up –some future posts planned over the next few weeks—

  • Date Rape-- an essay on four current trials, from my own date rape perspective; how might they apply to your sexual encounters?

-- Supreme Court-- is there a point of no-pull out when she says stop?
-- Nevada-- when a decades-later apology to rape can get you in jail;
-- Gang-bang boys --Teens and young adults; my thoughts on Duke, the Greg Haidl case (most likely a distant relative), adolescent sexual culture and the part of the brain that doesn’t mature until you’re 25

  • The Personal this and thats of my past 2 weeks— the "sweat-suckled" fantasy I had on St Patty's, while digging labored chunks of ice off the driveway under a hot sun; searching for a paying job (in the face of public sexual google-ness), and dating again (in the face of public threesome google-ness)
  • YOU-- Do you have “it”--- are you ever an “it” girl or guy, where is your “it” spot ?
  • Another “Sex Short”—my simple on- the- spot penis- measuring technique to the tune of "My Hat, It Has Three Corners”
  • Vote on my Pics from my recent photo shoot. They'll be posted mid-April. How should a "sensu-able matriot" look? say what, you say?

April Fools!!! is just around the corner—shall we roar like lions, be gentle like lambs, or you're just not into the animal-play thing?

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