Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Free Speech: first comment to this entire blog is an ad

So, our first written comment for this entire blog came in today, along with the Hustler article.
I was excited to see there was finally a message. It was a spam advertisement for “sexy girls” in response to my homelessness and renters rights "Warrior Princess" entry back in June.

Free sex ad on my free blogger-enabled sex blog. Do you think they'd have been better served if they had attached the ad to one of my more sexy entries?

Hmmmm, since it’s the first comment, I’ll let it stand, but might have to exert some free-ad banning on my free blogger blog, if more ads come in, especially if they come in without an e-mail to reply to them. Bad manners, sex ad man/woman.

So help me out, dear readers. Stamp out the "out-of -subject" spam comments by commenting something really profound, funny, sexy or confusing. I’ll look forward to you, my #2....

Hustler Threesome and Radio Chick Brave Sex

We were working on the book's website September 7 and all of sudden a dozen orders for III (THREE) came in, after months of no activity. Turns out our Radio Chick threesome guest interview from March was re-aired. Got me reinvigorated and finally could pay off the settlement agreement to the photographer who sued us (the settlement states I can’t mention his/her name). Only 300- some copies of the original 1000 Advance Limited Edition left to sell. And today… we’re in Hustler. Their December issue hits newsstands Sept 19th, sort of like Christmas before Rosh Hashanah. Except the actual holiday issue comes out in October.

Hustler did an amazing presentation of the “How To Get Your Girl to Have a Threesome” article, page 86-87, featuring our own Philip Isaiah Katz’s images from the book and even our cover by Christine Ott.

For the record, the text was edited and re-focused a bit— what the folks at Hustler call “hustlerized” for their audience— so it’s not my most prestigious (or ironically, Mr. Flynt, the most free sexual speech) piece of writing. But it does address the sentiment that fantasies (and trust) go both ways. If a man wants his favorite fantasy, the best way to get his dreams fulfilled is to honestly discover and cater to her fantasies, too (and that’s more than picking up his own dirty socks off the floor.. she might LIKE dirty socks…). Doesn’t matter if you’re gay, hetero, bi or S&M, it’s not what you THINK your partner wants, but what desires they maybe hide deep inside their wish list that gets them appreciative of your skills. And trying is definitely almost as good as succeeding… (Just like Hustler and I compromised on our desires for the article.. give a little and get a little puts a smile on everyone's face.)

Pick up a copy of Hustler and tell me what you think (crystal at threesomebook.com.)

Hustler also did a terrific job of promoting me and the book on their Contributors’ Page 9. This issue has my photo by Becky Kingman-Gros, along with pics of cartoonist Bob Muleady, AdviceGoddess.com columnist Amy Alkon, Hustler’s own assistant managing editor, Mark Johnson. And they posted our website, very unexpected and appreciated!

Corrections—No, a manage a trois is not a threesome, necessarily; Yes, I am a big free speech advocate wanna be; My apologies, but “safe sex”— is not my best attribute. I hate condoms. I used them in my threesome story and a few times this year. Like Andrew Sullivan's love of gay bareback, I so love the feel of sexy, wet, messy, flesh-on-flesh cock-to- vagina contact, ahhhhhh). But I do happily cop to advocating sexual honesty and openness, and my next book is on monogamy? Maybe? True admission: I did get turned on by some of the Hustler pictorials.

We’ve been featured in Nerve.com (Nicole DeGeorge and Justin Mongroo photos) and Penthouse Forum (6 page feature article) in the past, so Hustler was a nice last finale piece for the book.

Hustler noted I was a popular radio show guest. They were right, in the past. But getting radio this year has been like getting turn downs for a hot hand-job. Maybe I should just be thankful for the radio I did get in the past. which I am. But we have books to sell! Radio,be brave, and talk sex again—

Air America, NPR, can you get over your politically incorrect PC and promote real free sexual speech? Howard Stern? Opie and Anthony? Am I not celeb or skanky enough? I can kind of understand, but not agree with FCC controlled radio’s fear of threesomes , but why Satellite isn’t biting is beyond my comprehension.

With a track record of 36 shows so far, I’m no pro, but I’m also somewhat proven. And I’ll talk sex and even clean a house doing so…Can sex get any cleaner… and stranger??? Stay tuned, and better yet… buy one of our last copies fast so our other photographers, writers, models and designers can get paid (the photographer who sued me was breathing down my neck last month about deadlines his/her attorney misinterprets) Tell your favorite radio show about III (THREE) and why you want sex back on the air. Oral is good!