Sunday, June 25, 2006

Solstice Blossomed Breasts—Sexual Free Speech #1

I missed noting the solstice by 3 days. But I thought of Cindy Violette’s past ritual gatherings and family-safe naked pool parties in Galloway, Michele Haytko, who helped me get this blog started, and a wonderful writer and lesbian--the Ms. Devine, who each celebrate the sun’s rite of passage in their own ways.

The blossoming of flowers and heat bring a fecundity, an animal-mimicked desire by wearing less clothes, exposing flesh, moving our bodies with intentions of playfulness and to tease the soul risqué. Even if you’re not so erotically- open, the sprite must be on your mind just a tad.

I’ve been naked in public, of course. But always in quiet settings, where I felt still a little naughty. And my son was often nursed in public (hey I had a “C”-cup for a good many months), even on an airplane sitting next to an evangelist minister, who looked at the undertaking with quiet uncertainty. (Public breastfeeding is rumored to be illegal in some states, but LaLeche League says that it’s more a lack of laws affirming breast feeding, than outlawing it.)

My breasts, long ago stopped blossoming, are usually described as cute, wavering between a full “A” and a just-made-it “B” depending upon how five-pounds gained/lost are distributed. They are cupped nicely on the underside, but could use a little muscle on top, to get them securely in the “mid-B” range (“breast strokes” at the pool this summer?).

My nipples, documented in photo and in text, are long, and plump easily with temperature or excitement. Yet, men rarely suckled them, with a few wonderful exceptions, and I was always too shy to guide the just right caress or lick or kiss. Sadly, being small breasted, I bowed to society, feeling my mounds were mere hills not deserving of Mt Everest climbs. (Even I couldn’t believe my sometime playmate in the late 90’s, John DeG___, who swore he got most excited when he saw a slim, small-breasted woman. He is the guy who creatively threaded my nips through CDs, in a kind of tech-art tassle, much better than twisting them in the old “radio knob dials” teen boys used to think was sophisticated. How we girls survive?)

Playright, performer and political activist Sherry Glaser’s exposing her breasts on the streets for decency’s sake. Her one-woman play Oh My Goddess opens this week in San Francisco. And her Breasts not Bombs Campaign picketed this past Friday outside the Oakland Military Recruitment Center, in support of GI Suzanne Swift’s refusal to return to Iraq in the face of sexual abuse that she experienced in the military. Five women bared bosoms and none of the attending cops arrested them. (A case of breasts arresting cops?)

Sherry’s been in front of the White House and in a bunch of other states, is seeking legal action against one of her arrests, and plans many more protests.

From the SF Chronicle:

Glaser is on a mission to use her activism and her art -- and even her naked torso if need be -- to draw attention onstage and off to how our society has lost its way on the road to equality, dignity and true decency. ...."Two of my friends were threatened with arrest for indecent exposure after taking off their shirts and dancing topless during Mendocino's Fourth of July parade two years ago," Glaser says. "Their bare breasts were called 'indecent', so I thought, let's use this incident and our equal protection under the 14th Amendment to show what real freedom and decency look like."

from various other sources:

Breats Not Bombs mottos:
Titties Not Tanks
Mammaries Not Missiles
Nipples Not Napalm
The issue is Soft Tissue

“…the founding mothers intended the 2nd amendment to be
the right to bare b
reasts, not the right to bear
arms. They knew that if women were safe to walk bare breasted that we would all
be much safer,”
says Glaser.

Sounds good to me. We’ll all just need to get some more sun block. Happy Ninety-Four Days of Topless Summer (minus 4 days and nights already gone)!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers' Day Lesson 101

On behalf of children and mothers, and toward a more loving world, an immeasurable toast of appreciation to all the dads out there who try to parent the best they know how. Conservative, Libertarian, Liberal, Gay, Straight, Polyamorous, Religious Right to Atheist— being a caring dad requires a difficult balance of strength and gentleness— with a learned acceptance, that wisdom inevitably comes— usually after the fact.

The son is father to the man. And a rare man there is who is a father without benefit of (and dents from) a mother (of invention) somewhere effecting his life. Not some tales of Oedipus, but a reality that we are what we are because of who grew us as children, who we choose to love, and how we interpret how we are loved to ourselves and others.

Aside from some fruitfully orgiastic petri dishes, sex is the way most of us got our stork-delivered or co-manufactured bundles of joy. Somewhere between “Sins of the Father” and “Father Knows Best,” is there a correlate between a man’s experience as a father and his ability to express himself givingly as a lover? And how does a father’s repartrois in sexual feeling communicate to his children’s sensual dexterity?

22% of the men I’ve flung sheets (or sand) with were dads. I can’t say these men were more or less experienced in amore than the non-dads. Did it matter if they fathered girls, or boys, or both? Maybe, slightly more of the guys who had daughters, but no sons, did the tender touches— verbally admiring my non-sexual body parts, calling the day after, thanking me for being with them. But not so much more that I’ve been prone to select men for their progeny and gender thereof. (Now, my non-scientific N isn’t anywhere near the 2,000 or so that could be considered legitimately statistical – scout’s honor!!! )

Fathers, mothers, children and sexual statistics. Chest pounding and clucking over two recent reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and in conjunction with other U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services.

Conservatives aimed on one finding for their “family values” stockpile, from the CDC’s June 2006 report, Fertility, Contraception, and Fatherhood: Data on Men and Women From Cycle 6 of the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth .

"Men who did not live with both parents at age 14 were more likely to have had sexual intercourse during the teenage years (19 or younger) compared with those who lived with both parents at age 14 "(figure 9, table 14)

And liberal women ranted on about April’s CDC’s Recommendations to Improve Preconception Health and Health Care --- United States that suggested health practitioners consider all pre-menopausal women below 44, as pre-pregnant mothers, in regard to medical advice given them.

Now, I’ve been known to perform segues that wander into territories never to be discovered. But both the ultra-conservative editor Mark Alexander and the uber-liberal Sunsara Taylor are two examples, from both sides of the political spectrum, who need to take a major look at basic logic 101 for their lines of rationalization.

Granted, the CDC (and its overseer, the USDHHS) can become tools of politics, like most any US department, but it does deserve applause for attempting to understand the cyclical effects of individuals and family on society and visa versa. (It also is promoting a healthy teen dating initiative against emotional/physical relationship abuse “Choose Respect,” reminders that most of us adults could look at in our relationships, too.)

Of the 100 detailed tables in Fertility, Contaception and Fatherhood, including those that tackle heavy societal perceptions—
“… is (it)… much better for everyone if the man earns the main living and the woman takes care of the home and family(?),” to, “ (is there) almost certain chance a condom would reduce physical pleasure(?)”

--two findings especially caught me by surprise:

Most Fathers did want to be dads,

“Based on reporting from fathers, available for the first time with these data, only 9 percent (of births) were unwanted at the time of conception. "(figure 7, table 8)

There are Men who actually sometimes wish their first sexual encounter didn’t happen when it did,

“Between 59 to 72 percent of men reported that they really wanted their first intercourse to happen at the time it occurred.(figure 10, table 16). And there was no correlation “between age at first intercourse and wantedness status for men.”

Even that last provocative idea that men (of any age) might have regretted their first encounter, didn’t get the conservative “feather in the cap” gander like that of the stats for boys living in mom-only directed households having a higher incidence of first sexual encounters as teens, than boys in two-parent households.

Mark Alexander states in’s "Fathers linked to healthy families"

“Of course, many moms have no choice but to do it all. This is because many biological fathers have abdicated their responsibility for proper love, discipline, teaching, support, moral guidance and protection of their family. (Memo to divorced dads and assorted victims of feminist rage and unfair family courts: Please hold your mail -- we know that women file almost 70 percent of divorces, most without any claim of abandonment, infidelity or abuse.)”

Gee, could it be most people don’t have to legally “claim” a reason for divorce, or maybe “emotional” abandonment would be way up there for both genders. AND, perhaps, men are afraid of filing due to the financial ramifications to them. I don’t know, but substantiate your claim, Mark. You are an editor. Don’t leave us guessing with your assumptions.

“.. Tragically, the pages of history -- especially 20th-century history -- are rife with the terrible misdeeds of those who were raised without fathers, or with abusive fathers: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and many others of lesser infamy.”

Sure, two parents are usu ally better than one. But how well reared by GH and Babs will history feel that the two-parented GW was coddled? Last count, how virtuous are the Bush twins by their, oh, so, god-fearing mom and dad? You kind of make us feel sorry for the childhoods
of those bad men you mentioned. Who raised Karl Rove, Kenneth Lay, Jack Abramoff, oh yeah, and Dick Cheney, by the way?

“Never let it be said, however, that the Left allows the facts to get in the way of its agenda. Indeed, a strong case can be made that liberal social policies are directly responsible for generations of fatherless children -- particularly black children. And democrats, as we have noted many times previously, have a vested interest in keeping blacks and other "victimized" constituencies dependent on the state.”

How do we even touch that piece of miss-jointed diatribe? Who’s calling whose “agenda” the kettle (and black, no less?)?

On the way far left, Sunsara Taylor’s piece, CDC to Women: Prepare to Give Birth! is an embarrassing tirade against the biological reality that women’s bodies are designed to give birth and planning for the possibility is a good thing. Harping adolescent-like herself under the auspices of individual rights to privacy and a woman’s right to choose, she refuses to address individual and societal responsibilities as a necessary condition for all babies’ health. She jumps from the CDC’s recommendations for women (and men’s) lifetime-health planning by way of practitioner’s “interventions” (e.g., the Five A’s [Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, and Arrange], to some sort of part and parcel of a grand governmental scheme to Nazi-like gynocide, that is in direct lineage with South Dakota’s anti-abortion legislation and the bunch of religious right pharmacists refusing to fill birth control prescriptions. Scary precedent, those two latter things, but a big leap away from consumer –patient education in eating well and consciously maintaining a healthy womb.

Taylor says we should shout back to the CDC with outrage that “Women are not fetal incubators.” Guess, what? biologically, that is part of how our bodies were designed. And if a non-irreversibly infertile woman ever has sex, there is always the chance she can get pregnant. Not every woman chooses abortion if the pregnancy was unplanned. Nor are most women 100% certain if and when they might desire a baby after thinking she would never choose to conceive.

Some of Sunsara’s big- bad- wolf fear-mongering:

“…get prepared for the religious fanatics who terrorize women at the doors of abortion clinics to broaden their harassment against women who enter bars, smoke cigarettes or eat at McDonald’s. Get ready for the prosecution of women who engage in these activities for crimes against their future fetuses. And get ready for calls to weed out and even sterilize women who are deemed by the state to be unfit to bear children.

And when you get right down to it, this report has potentially genocidal implications. By formalizing the idea that certain women chronically put themselves at risk of being less-than-perfect potential mothers, the CDC paves the way for acceptance of the idea that certain women are unfit to reproduce.”

Come on, Sunsara, give it a rest. If you had a basis for a point, it’s been blown out by your mis- directed wind. Would you rather that babies continue the higher rate of birth problems in the US as compared to other industrialized nations? Seminal health is important, too. So, non-liberterian, cum social welfare advocate, that I am, guys should be encouraged to take care of their reproductive and general health, as well. And that was mentioned, though lighter than it could’ve in the CDC report. (Crystal’s health hint for men— a little celery, along with giving loads of health benefits for your man juice, extracts a delicious flavor for those you’d hope would imbibe.)

To Mr. Alexander’s credit, he at least ends in a non-partisan, unbiased inclusive wish:

“…how … fathers might extend their roles in outreach to fatherless children: By mentoring through Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, youth groups, Boys Clubs, and Girls Incorporated; or by coaching little-league sports, or teaching in Sunday school, or becoming a school tutor, or volunteering to work with high-risk kids through inner-city ministries, to name just a few.”

Says the CDC:

“The majority of men (94 percent) and women (94 percent) 15-44 years of age strongly agreed or agreed with the statement, “The rewards of being a parent are worth it despite the cost and work it takes.” Among fathers, 98 percent strongly agreed or agreed with the statement, as did 97 percent of mothers."(figure 25, Tables 79-80

More than anything, children— be they infants, adolescents or even adults themselves— want to know their parents love them and did their best at guiding them. Regardless of political belief, that’s the legacy for true fatherhood and motherhood that counts the most.

Father’s day sports? Now, go play with pals and your balls of choice, everyone. And be nice.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Warrior Princess

This morning is my last quiet one in Atlantic City. I didn’t take advantage as much as I should have the beauty of the casino evening lights twinkling on the bay, the mornings, like now, where birds of all sorts swoon over the water. Nor even the sliding glass door, and windows' view opening out into it all, though daylight, reminiscent of my home in Manhattan Beach overlooked the Pacific in quite the same way. And being a Piscean, both homes with all that water should have instilled a calm in me, a baptismal of rejuvenation.

I’m boxing and suit-casing my things again, seems like a dozen times since last August’s eviction, deciding what joins the New Jersey storage unit, what goes to Pennsylvania (and did I leave that summer halter in Los Angeles?). Career and even my focus is as divided as my scattered things.

National Renters Rights And Homelessness Awareness Week was soft-launched this week. It is only a naming because all things need a name to give it possibility. What does housing advocacy have to do in a sex blog, you ask?

Courage to talk about it. Courage to openly desire both the self-pleasure and fair play of it. And
mixing the two, if any notoriety occurs (other than found on Google :) makes me an easy target for name calling and being made disreputable. (Hey, Lynn Cheney and Newt did sex in their fictions, and the Republican Guard didn’t blink, need more be said?) Who would have thought sexual dialogue (and increasingly dildos) is more contraband than guns?

But renters rights may well be more controversial than sex. If you’re not buying a house or flipping it, you just aren’t living the true American dream. Complain for your consumer rights as a renter? Maybe you don’t think it quite fair to be displaced against your will? Well, you are lazy and irresponsible and should just save your money and buy a house. That landlord owns that property and should be able to do whatever he or she wants. Never mind that renters help that landlord afford that property, or that the 30% US renter population helps that 30% of housing economy exist. And if you are homeless… what kind of incompetent are you?

Courage. A warrior, is supposed to hold his or her power inside, and use it when the timing is right. That according to Carlos Casteneda and probably in Sun Tzu’s Art of War. From Macchiavelli all I can remember is “noblesse oblige.” Author and Huffington Post blogger Kathleen Reardon says, liberals “On the whole … lack adequate comprehension of the scheming side of human behavior.” We need to fight tough and unpredictably like Republicans do, even if we won’t play dirty, she adds. I’ve known some sleazy liberal-leaning people, in my time, so don’t know if that’s always true about liberals taking the high-ground. But, personally, I for one, can cop to her generalization, successful strategist, I am not. However, counterpoint of sorts, Robert Redford today says that “substance” must regain its backbone over the cult of strategy alone. I ask all the housing advocates to join common strength on that point.

Naked sex and Politics is Naked for a reason.

The facades we all wear, and the pain we all cause each other, intentionally or not, perpetuate more masks. I’ve been no-fault evicted twice; sued thrice -- home, book and car. Bottom feeders climb on the backs of littler ones, because the powerful have too many lawyers.

Feeling the outcast, like the misunderstood Wicked Witch of the West (and the East, since I’m bicoastally nomadic) in Gregory Maguire’s Wicked , I can’t help but wonder how I landed here in such an isolating world (Bush’s regime, as an OZ wizardship, with iPods, errrr, opium fields under our spell? I’d love to dance as poised as Bebe Neuwirth, though).

But my courage, like the cowardly lion, is instilled from fear of yet more injury. I don’t bare in silence and acceptance like Jessica Clements, a young soldier who braved her massive brain injuries from Iraq, still proud to be a soldier. Mine is a whiny courage.

Standing here, neither Ms. Joan of Arc nor Lady Godiva (who earned me a scholarship to UCLA when I was eighteen writing about her), but just a person, silly enough, stubborn enough, or maybe truly courageous/worried enough to take a stand. Okay, a little exhibitionistic— but always doing it for real causes— and, dare I add any labeling of the overly misused “patriot”— for democracy and for the integrity of self.

Wave the flag, expose your nudity and shout for what’s right. Now, if I could only find a great pair of ruby slippers, click my heels and get a home of my own. (Maybe the five, new aesthetically gorgeous, fully functional windmills added to the Atlantic City skyscape can generate a giving breeze.) A brave King Charming would be welcome, to share with me “the bed" people say "I've made” and can someday hope “to sleep in.” Fairy Tales can eventually have happy endings and so, too, one must believe, our life paths, and our society, when we speak and follow our truths.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Love Is In The Air

It’s got that summer feel everywhere, and the birds, and the bees and lots of new couples are doing it.

In the past month two different planned first-dates were cancelled a few days before getting together with me. Each because they already were dating someone who they decided to become exclusive with. And a male friend, who I cuddle with from time-time, informed me when we got together yesterday, that he was on a new one-month-trial commitment with a woman he knew for years that just last week became romantic. We hugged as he gave me sexy but gentlemanly compliments about our previous cuddle-ability. He was proud that he could be sexually committed to one woman for a time, and that we could still hang out as friends. And I was happy for his happiness, but told him he could have told me before we got together, so I’d have dressed with a little less anticipation. (Thankfully, I had pleased myself in preparation earlier.)

Bravo to all three of these men. They were honorable to their new women and to me, flattering by thanking me for the allure I had originally enticed them with, and (being men and pragmatists) each implied the door may re-open, just in case. But you could tell they were smitten by their women and wanted these blossoming relationships to keep growing onward.

Oh, well, timing and location is everything and it’s my summer to look out through the window— not pursue or be pursued, it seems. All my friends say I should just find a nice young stud, just let him give me a series of good times. I crave a domestic relationship, a man who is my compadre-amour, at this time of my life, but what the hay, maybe a light-hearted frolic, might give me the after-glow I need to go out there and slay the dragons.

Because of the book, I have met many polyamorists, swingers, or just people open to sexual experimentation with others. Some are single, others in committed relationships. For many of them, their choices truly have provided them emotional and spiritual expansion, along with the physical fun. Personally, I really prefer to be monogamous. But my own experience with a series of threesome encounters with the same two men, allowed me to discover my inner queen. I always performed for men, and not that I didn’t do my share of special treats for these two guys, but they were devoting their attentions to me, more than wanting for themselves. My sensuality became reveled in myself, with all their simultaneous touches and kisses on my body.

I need to remember those experiences more. Welcoming a man’s “giving” to me, in ways I need him to, not only the ways he fantasizes that all women will respond to. It’s a tough lesson for many women. Many of us have been indoctrinated on how to catch a man, how to please a man, how to keep a man etc, etc. Yet men always tell me their priority and their main satisfaction is in knowing they pleased their woman. It should be a matter of equal give-take, but first many of us women need to be brave enough to let guys know what we want for our bodies and our relationships. It’s the most honest and self-powered way.

In the meantime, rather than ponder the depth of Mar’s and Venus’ sexual meaning, I’ll just relax in the wonderful companionship of my platonic males friends.

Later, last night I had dinner at Julio and Jeff’s place with our friend John. We cooked and laughed and talked. And John walked me home from the short bus ride. I love walking at night, and as John said the same feel is also “in the rain”. Both bring magic in the air, a kind of hush, pregnant with future knowing of what the sunny, day lit –world will be bring.

It had been another good day. One filled with many kinds of waiting, but with the comforts of sharing the little moments with friends.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Family Values (JUST IN: Bush as Caligula—coming soon to a theater near you?)

Saturday night I attended my nephew’s bar mitzvah. My ex-husband’s kin has always been all-embracing, a living example of extended family. We are a motley grouping of many sub-tribes— Asian, Jew, Afro, Latin, Euro-Anglo, Middle Eastern, West-East-Mid Coast, WASP, Catholic, Mormon, recent immigrant to 5th generation American, and everything in between. We are, married, living-together, long-ago divorced, mostly straight but also one or two openly gay. Friends have attended so many family events that they, too, have become family; aunties and uncles often indistinguishable of how they are connected. And there are caravans of kids. My 22-year-old son is the eldest grandchild of the central clan, and I held one of his thirty younger cousins, a pre-two toddler, for a delectably cuddly 15- minutes. There’s nothing like the feel of an (albeit) happy baby or toddler, wide-eyed trusting in your care, to remind you of what this life is all about. The point is we are a definition of American familia—no matter our many differences of age, politics, religion, income or (usually) undisclosed sexual proclivities.

MARRIAGE RESOLUTION: tax-saving initiative
Yesterday Bush had again announced his (pre-mid-term- election- timed) attempt to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage: (Sidebar: please see below for the new Bush sexual scandal allegations. )

"Ages of experience have taught us that the commitment of a husband and a wife to love and to serve one another promotes the welfare of children and the stability of society," said Mr. Bush. "Marriage cannot be cut off from its cultural, religious and natural roots, without weakening this good influence on society."

Agreed. Marriage does promote the welfare of children and stability of society. That’s the very reason why there should NOT be an amendment restricting it. What Bush and the religious right miss is that “marriage” runs much deeper than the committed union of two people of opposite genders. The nuclear family (illustrating Bush’s favorite much war-mangled pronunciation of that word, with a tad different meaning this time) is for most of us reassuring, intimate, but delicate, and is oft-cited to be endangered by society’s dysfunctions. This traditional notion of a mom and dad with their offspring, has without question expanded in real life, never was universal and many sociologists claim is a modern phenomena away from the truly traditional extended family.

The change away from the nuclear family is not the dysfunction, as the conservative right fears. It is the inflexible adaptation, the desire to control with hate-fear-goaded restriction against embracing each person’s, and each family’s, rights to take its equal place in society; and with it, our society’s refusal to honor all our children, and those who raise them, with equal dignity and care. That is the “family values” dysfunction.

Above the alluring symbolic romance of courtship and wedding, marriage is a legal and economic construct, in which the spouses willingly obligate each other in a “family unit” with bound intentions to care-give and share financial cooperation for their mutual benefit. There are some archaic male-female polarities, which in transitional societies like ours will sort itself out in time. But its very legal standing is supposed to give pause to a couple’s breaking of that bond when times are difficult. For Government this is a financial protective. Like child support, marriage laws guide provisions for children and spouses when divorce does happen, so they are less prone to be dependent on the state. On an economic self-interest level alone, a tax-saving conservative government should be pro-marriage for anyone and everyone, be it polyamorists, gays, or traditional units. (Yes, you naysayers, under our current systems business will have increased health insurance costs and there’d be a dip in tax revenue with married folk filing together, but no fear, laws change to favor business and taxes, inevitably.)

In a democracy, each individual and family should be sacrosanct, the building blocks, and very reason for nation. Hillary Clinton, who has not of recent date shown belief-consistency with many issues, was right-on with the knowing experience of mother and First Lady, as much as lawyer-politician. It DOES take a village to raise a child. But it is the village that needs to reassess its priorities, first. Rather than restricting families’ attempts to create meaningful contracts of marriage and obligation to each other, Americans should be putting our energies into being a true pro-child society. Not by indoctrinating our children as patriotic consumers, a crime that can be levied at both republicans and democrats, media and business, but with an emphasis of real education for our children, enabling them to choose individual thought and be informed and involved citizens. Instead of endless back-and-forth about the morality of abortion, we should be working at ways to help families in need to belong in our economy so they can better guide their children. If we need an amendment, America, it should be a profession of family— its dignity for each American’s right to create his/her definition of family in support of our children, above all. (Childless by Choice singles and families, chill. You were kids once, too.)

The Condi- George W. Bush Sex Scandal AND Bush as a Bi-Sexual American?

As family is about love, acceptance and support, this week’s very edgy news gossip-items might give us clue to an ulterior motive for Bush’s lip service to his re-use of the “compassionate conservatism” theme.

"As this debate (Marriage ) goes forward, we must remember that every American deserves to be treated with tolerance, respect and dignity," President Bush declared."
Perhaps Mr Bush has been asking for coded forgiveness all along to save his own (somehow unimaginable) sex -craving ass. According to a few emerging sources we might be seeing headlines that would make Clinton’s overtures tame—

The Wayne Madsen Report

“June 3, 2006 -- WMR can report that a Mayflower Hotel staffer has confirmed that First Lady Laura Bush spent at least one night this past week at the hotel, which is four blocks north of the White House”
Citing Leola McConnell, Democratic candidate for Governor of Nevada and former Professional Dominatrix (hey, it's Vegas, and the Republicans have a former porn star running)

“June 4, 2006-- In 1984, I watched him perform (with the enthusiasm of homosexual male who had done this many times before) a homosexual act on another man, namely Victor Ashe. Victor Ashe is the current Ambassador to the nation of Poland who should also come out like former Governor McGreevey of New Jersey and admit to being a gay American.”

AND, there's this from April of 2004:
Condoleeza’s publice declaration of Bush as almost-husb(and) during a media-attended party.

Are these bits:
a) malicious rumor b) none- of- our- business anyway or c) further proof of Bush’s Moral Self-Hypocrisies’ of Everything (aka Bush as Caligula, coming soon to a theater near you)

The Political Spinning of Time will tell.