Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Bare Back IS Banned and Hats Off to Wil in Miami

all photos in this post ©2006

I was getting really riled up tonight. That typical bull-headed passion I get when I see injustice, and then I was getting a completely different kind of riled a few minutes later, after getting a glimpse of the handsome hunk of studdly, intellectual, well- traveled, dance-loving, spiritual, family-loving, and did I say gorgeous, gentleman (at least in his photos and profile) who let me know he was glancing at me….

All right, online dating sites are an on-again, off again thing for me. Like them/ hate them, but I find myself every few months looking at them almost daily until I tire of it all again. I’ve met ( and dated) some really terrific men—and the jury is not out yet on my end of the knowing these great guys—but for all the complexities, including my instability over career and housing, and their politics or my quirks, either I’ve pulled back, or one or two have pulled back on me. (This blog is filled with a couple of the episodes in 2006).

But I was online tonight—yeah, another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody----and thought I’d add a few images from a recent photo shoot to my profile (Photographer’s name will be edited in here, after I get his permission to use his name on this site). And just as soon as I had posted them, four of the tasteful images were REMOVED by Love Happens due to NUDITY restrictions--- that is my BARE BACK (see the image above, stopping at the hipline), another with a beautifully draped red shawl completely covering my breasts, another with just an exposed waist and unbelievably a black jacket- dress that revealed some gam. Love Happens states it bans NUDE and sexually explicit imaes--- I can understand their reasoning for that on a mainstream dating site--- but a back, a covered chest and belly and high-heeled legs???
You tell me if the image above and these below aren’t artful and tame?
Surprisingly they did allow free speech in my profile ranting against their image restrictions. It was even APPROVED with this revised headline —“why was my back banned?” So, some sort of kudos for them. (yup, this image below was removed, too!)
I’ve been wanting to do a political post on this blog (NSP) about MeetUp’s and PayPal’s and quite a few other e-commerce, forums, and hosting companies bans on sexual free speech (more on that another day)… But a “bare back” image removed on a site that advertises images of girls in the teeniest of bikinis--- get’s me mad all over again, even with the free speech allowance.

So, you can see why an unexpected “ice breaker” from a man named Wil was so eye-turning when it popped into the same mailbox that all the photo rejections were hitting me. Six-foot (way too tall for my 5’1” frame), dark Latin mix with a giving smile, a strong frame that I could already feel myself simultaneously melt and entangle with. My body hurt bad ---just looking at this fully clothed, but noticeably naturally strong, protective man. And, oh yeah, he’s a dozen years younger than me. Totally would break all my rules— but Wil from Miami, you took my breath away, sir. And if by some quirk, we actually ever meet—lordie, what a night it could be.
(Now, you other men I've met. C'mon allow me this fantasy, without getting your feelings hurt.
I'm still amazed at the number of 5o year-olds that salivated over themselves to try to get in on Paris Hilton's 21st bithday party)

As for all of the other men who go to Love Happens—if we online meet, or not, do me a favor, and send them your nude backs, bared bellies, a hint of thigh and a nudge of shoulder and chest. Send them to me, too. And all those other online sites—you all better watch out, too. (I confess- I'm registered on two others.) Maybe we should start a Flicker group about the new online-dating site definition of nudity—my god, look his toes are exposed!!—foot fetish is lurking in the shadows.


Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous! I think your photos a very tasteful. Maybe you should put a big black band over the "objectionable" parts and write over it: "Love Happens wouldn't let tastefully sexy happen, contact me for unedited versions!" That's gotta score a few chuckles at the least--and a least a few more Wil-hot hunks in your mail.

I'm loving your blog. I'm adding it to you blogroll. Your threesome book looks hot, too. Glad I found it--I was running a search for "sexy politicians". Not what I was looking for, but well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Very sexy photos, and way too tasteful to be banned imo.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Roger David said...
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Unknown said...

Beautiful photos. Art shouldn't be banned.