Saturday, June 30, 2007

On the Verge

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>> image, -c 2006; halves of me
"steering" and "anchored on" the symbolic "verge",
standing on a Philly roof top, plane passing by left hip >>
--------------- ------------------ - -------------------
Wordplay is almost as exciting as sexual play-- combining the two together can be quite smoldering. So, when the word "verge" seemed to mantra my shadow here in LA, I was tickled to discover--in all the right intellectual and sensory places--that defined "verge" with a few personally serendipitous paradoxes--- the penis, the tenant's staff of feudality, possessing leadership, and the threshold/limits/ radius/slant/merging of possibilities. origin,Latin, old french- rod,ring,strip

cocky satisfaction for the reborn virgin head

1) Virge----- a wand; abbreviation for virgin ['s archaic
spelling, though the "virgin" usage is my loose interpretation]
2) Verge -- Earliest attested sense in Eng. is now-obsolete meaning "male
member, penis" (c.1400); male organ of copulation in certain invertebrates

I haven't had real sex for over 8 months, becoming officially as shy about indulging as I am hungry. Will I be hurt/not respected with the next encounter? Will he be any good? Will our styles match? An available sex life is not a thing to waste.

Over the past few weeks I've expectedly encountered my ex-live in-boyfriend at a conference, bumped coyly into a still gorgeous, yet tired-looking, decade-ago one-night-stand at a mutual friend's party, miraculously avoided even the sight of my ex-husband, twice, during his family's events. I've kissed and embraced seven male friends newly acquainted (one in Philly) and shared various degrees of intimate touch with 2 caring, long-known gentlemanly pals. I've talked with a man from my past by phone-- who for unknown reasons seems always so disinterested (even when he originally appeared to be attracted to me), and I've confronted, by voice message, another deep-down good guy, who recklessly told me it was "unbecoming" of my personality to not want to bed with him. (he kind of, sorta, apologized in his reply vm)

Monogamous, as I've always yearned, nonetheless, each new nuance adds to my complicated lexicon of the primal male essence. The penis, revered and often a protective camouflage to its owner's heart, is omnipresent, whether assertive or quieted for me. Incredible, as it is bewildering, is this many destinationed voyage into man, that I don't remember ever seeking.

On the verge of -- when the head of the cock almost touches the inner lips, the long/short seconds of anticipated tightening,opening, pulsing, absorbing into the simultaneous, separately experienced merge of the familiar/unknown two.

steering the scepter of almosts
3)Verge- the bishop's staff; a scepter of authority; a stick held in the
hand of a person swearing fealty to a feudal lord on being admitted
as a tenant; the spindle of a balance wheel in a clock; the grassy
border along a road; the shaft of a column
4) Verge- edge,rim or margin; limited room or scope; to slope or tend
toward; to come close to or be in transition to some state, quality, etc.
--on the (con)verge(ance) of:

  • integration--success/blending of UnconventionalWorks-- political- American Dinner, community- DayOne365, socio-erotic- Three (III)
  • persuasion-- getting renewed radio coverage; landing interactivity; launching resolutions; making and forgiving amends; wrapping men around my finger (nah.. that last one's not in me)
  • stability - homelessness vs renters rights advocacy vs finding a rental
  • courage to write professionally vs paid work as a domestic floor scrubbing goddess
  • feeling sensual and feminine vs downtrodden
  • my leadership, and also of giving fealty, only as deserved
  • intimacy-- friendship and family to love--bike rides to "being there" to sex
  • perseverance and patience and support
  • womanhood--finally, empowerment while maintaining the openness of the girl within
  • re-cyclo-evolutionary, what was, is, to be .. or else is something, somewhere, anyway

Woman On the Verge of Getting It On (and enjoying taking it off...when she so chooses)


wally z said...

Your thoughtstream is flowing so nicely here (and just as sweetly framed). I look forward to the evolution.

Unknown said...

LOL...lets buy a Costa Rican timeshare together then donate it to transpartisan lesbians and go fuck on the beach while sharing a 95 Cinc Cepages, a Chat Baker selection and take turns reading opposing Bukowski and Nin quotes to each other...shall we??

I'm up for it.

Unknown said...

ps: I'd love to help you with design, blog rolls and buzz then lick the frosting off your spoon...I'm easy to find should you be so inclined.

I, in turn, could use your current vocational skills organizing my office and shredding evidence located in a converted garage of a pink house on a cul-de-sac of an elder age restricted community located at tne outskirts of a growing SMSA where you can still hear coyotes howl at distant freight trains off in the moonlit desert distance above the low industrial hum of encroaching post modern civilization.


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