Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mid Term Erection Hopes

The dems won-- gubernatorial majority, house and maybe senate!? Did the Cosmic Trigger Event really do something, afterall? Ortega in power, Palestinian kids slaughtered …what else topsy-turvy happening in the world?

For the record, I am so glad that Santorum is gone! His politics and beliefs, especially over sexuality and life issues, so grossly arrogant.Though the disgust many liberals stated over his and his wife's decision to bring their dead baby home to their children, was wrong. It was their private, family choice to bring comfort to each other in the way they felt best. That should have been honored, and not for any of us to judge. His and his wife's later politizational use of that family decision, to prop his stance against abortion however, was another example of his arrogance.

The night before the election, I wanted so much to post another HufPo entry . Getting off the plane, sitting on the train, it just came to me— Mid-Term Erection Eve—what a fun header, right? It would have meandered – citing the need for pre-voting night levity over this year’s political ad posturing ( the dueling, politically Napoleonic penises on the sexual hypocrisy theme) artificially brought to you by Levitra, a little non PC Japanese pronunciation of “l” to “r’, with the orgasmic face of “I’m turning Japanese, errrr the Republican hara-kiri self-torture” side bar, closing with the feminine Eve of the night ( not the douche –or maybe that would’ve been good) -- a vote for Matriotism-- if only we all would cuddle and make love with whomever we choose right before we vote—to instill the love for our fellow American, unlike athletes who are supposed to hold back until after the big game to crush their opponents—make love, not war theme. I know it was funnier in my head than in writing. But sometimes crazier thoughts pull together. My first HufPo posting last week got 5 responses. Yeahhh! Encouraging enough to try another, maybe next week.

Personally, the middle class homelessness in my life, still has left me feeling like a spider on drugs (remember that commercial years back of the fried egg ilk?). I worry that my projects for National Renters Rights Advocacy, New Years’ Day Volunteerism recognition and Sexual Free Speech projects including Ladies for Liberty will never see the light of day, because of the difficulty in surmounting my own obstacles of re-organizing and moving my possessions every few months-- and the technical bit of getting website help, my lack of money, energy and even, after so many efforts, an extinguishing hope.

Even renting a place is proving a little hard. I was already told my application for an LA apartment manager position was not appropriate since I believed in renters rights ( my professed concern for rights and responsibilities for both landlord and tenants fell on closed ears). And the liberal leaders I’ve approached for my campaigns haven’t even returned e-mails or phone calls. And the book is still not selling—I’m thinking of a new promotion—the sex book that tastes better than the notorious holiday fruit cake. What do you think?

My sex life is nil again, my good friend letting me know, as gently as he could, that his ex and he are getting back together. Maybe he should have waited to tell me after one last hot visit? He was right, and he's a good man, who was there for me in many ways the past few months. I wish him the good love he deserves.

For me, the next 4 weeks are pivotal for everything. Oh yeah, I still need a job, if anyone knows someone who will hire a sexual rights non fiction, renters rights, volunteerism civic advocate who can clean houses and almost anything else --on her hands and knees, of course!!! And please, Santa, some advance asking, find me a new Erector Se(x)t Man to pleasure with before any High Noon cock-fighting commences for the new Congressional 110th.

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