Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Free Speech: first comment to this entire blog is an ad

So, our first written comment for this entire blog came in today, along with the Hustler article.
I was excited to see there was finally a message. It was a spam advertisement for “sexy girls” in response to my homelessness and renters rights "Warrior Princess" entry back in June.

Free sex ad on my free blogger-enabled sex blog. Do you think they'd have been better served if they had attached the ad to one of my more sexy entries?

Hmmmm, since it’s the first comment, I’ll let it stand, but might have to exert some free-ad banning on my free blogger blog, if more ads come in, especially if they come in without an e-mail to reply to them. Bad manners, sex ad man/woman.

So help me out, dear readers. Stamp out the "out-of -subject" spam comments by commenting something really profound, funny, sexy or confusing. I’ll look forward to you, my #2....

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Anonymous said...

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